Used Cars with the Best Gas Mileage

Posted at Tue, Mar 8, 2022 9:00 AM

With recent increases in fuel prices, finding a used car that gets great gas mileage has become a high priority for Orlando used car shoppers. But where do you even begin to find that information? Universal Used Car Superstore has you covered! With our comprehensive used car search filters, you can set your search to look for vehicles in our inventory with a miles per gallon rating in the city or on the highway in the range that you want your vehicle to have. Your driving habits will determine which MPG rating you should focus on. Do you primarily drive short distances around town with frequent starts and stops? Your fuel-efficient car shopping search should be based on City MPG criteria. Or, are you a long distance driver, spending most of your time behind the wheel on the interstate? The Highway MPG search function would be a more accurate measure of the fuel efficiency you can expect to yield from your used car.

Pre-Owned Vehicles with over 40 MPG Highway Fuel Economy Rating

Universal Used Car Superstore has several models in stock that get over 40 mpg on the highway and would make a great fuel efficient vehicle purchase choice for you. Click below to view our current great gas mileage used cars in Orlando:

Used Cars That Get 40 Highway MPG

Pre-Owned Vehicles That Get Over 30 MPG City

Used car shoppers from Kissimmee, St. Cloud, Sanford and Southchase that are looking for a pre-owned car that gets great city mileage around the busy streets of their communities can search for used cars by their City MPG. Because of frequent starting, stopping, accelaration and decelaration, city mileage estimates are less than what you'll get out on the highway, where your car runs consistently in top gear, getting the maximum distance out of a gallon of fuel. Any city miles per gallon rating over 30 mpg is very good and some of the more popular used cars with this rating include the Nissan Versa, Nissan Kicks, Hyundai Elantra and Toyota Corolla. See what great 30 MPG City vehicles Universal Used Car Superstore currently has in stock here:

Used Cars with Over 30 City MPG

Make your way to 12775 South Orange Blossom Trail in Orlando to see first-hand the great fuel-efficient used cars for sale that are priced right and will save you money every time you head to the pump to fill up!

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