Universal Used Car Superstore Helps You Beat the Heat

Posted at Sun, Jul 7, 2019 12:00 AM

Everyone here at Universal Used Car Superstore understands how hot Florida summers can be. Opening your used car after a long day of baking in the sun can make you feel like you're in a furnace. To beat the heat this summer, use these quick and easy tips to keep your ride refreshing. 

Invest in a Sunshade

Keep the sun’s rays at bay by placing a sunshade over your windshield. This tried-and-true method will deflect the sun’s heat from getting trapped in your car, lowering the interior temperature. To keep your car even cooler, you can even put a sunshade in your rear window, too. 

Use a Solar Powered Fan 

If your car has to sit in the sun all day, you might as well utilize all of that direct sunlight to circulate the air inside your car. Investing in a solar powered fan can move the air inside your certified pre-owned car and prevent it from getting stuffy. Don't forget to keep your windows slightly cracked so the hot air can escape. 

Park in the Shade 

Cars with vinyl or leather surfaces can easily roast in the sun, so to prevent yourself from getting burned, park your vehicle under a shady tree or in a garage. That way, your car will be out of direct sunlight and you won't burn your hands on your steering wheel. Even parking in a warm garage is better than baking in the sun.

Don't let Orlando's sweltering heat prevent you from having fun this summer. Visit our Hunters Creek area dealership today at 12775 South Orange Blossom Trail for even more tips on how to keep your ride cool and refreshed in extreme temperatures.

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