Driving Habits that Help Make Your Car Last Longer

Posted at Sun, Nov 4, 2018 12:00 AM

Buying a car is a big investment, and one that you want to make last for years to come. While routine maintenance plays an important role in the life expectancy of your vehicle, so do your daily driving habits. Here are a few beneficial tips from your local used car dealer to Orlando, Kissimmee, Hunters Creek, and Southchase area drivers that will make your car last longer.

Accelerate Moderately

Rapid starts not only waste fuel, but they can also take a serious toll on your drivetrain. Get into the habit of accelerating moderately from a stop, such as when you’re pulling away from a stop sign or in congested stop-and-go traffic.

Rolling Turn

Turn the wheels while your vehicle is in motion. Whether you’re making a three-point-turn or pulling out of a parking space, turn the wheels when your car is rolling. This reduces the stress on your power steering system, ball joints, and tire rod ends.

Drive Routinely

The old adage, “you don’t use it, you lose it” surely rings true for cars. Drive your car at least once per week to prevent dry oil seals, maintain a battery charge, and to keep oil circulating correctly.

Avoid Bumps

Regardless of whether it’s a huge pothole or speed hump, avoid bumps in the road or slowly drive over them. Swiftly driving over bumps can harm your steering and suspension.

Obey Speed Limits

Speed limits aren’t only designed to keep you safe. Driving at 65 MPH will increase your car’s fuel consumption by up to 15 percent. It’s best to slow down and obey speed limitations to avoid tickets and having to gas up again.

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