Can You Buy a Car With Bad Credit?

Posted at Tue, Jan 15, 2019 12:00 PM

Having bad credit or no credit can impact a lot of things, including automotive loans. But it is possible to get a loan and be able to buy a used car at our auto dealership near Kissimmee, FL. Here are some tips on buying one of our used cars from the financing professionals at Universal Used Car Superstore.

Check Your Credit

You may assume that you have a poor credit standing because you’ve overextended your budget or are making late monthly payments. However, it’s critical to know for certain and don’t make any decisions based on mere assumptions. You can easily view your credit score and full credit report online. In fact, we offer a free credit score tool right here on our website for your convenience! Don't worry, it is 100 percent secure.

Do Some Housekeeping

After you do your homework and find out your exact credit score, it’s time to do some financial housekeeping. Before you apply for a loan or go car shopping, ensure all big credit card loans are paid off, or at least down. Don’t commit to another expensive loan prior to buying a used car. You can also improve your score to check to see if your credit report has any mistakes. If possible, give yourself at least a month to dispute credit report mistakes before you start looking for a car to purchase.


Universal Used Car Superstore offers Orlando, FL car buyers competitive and auto loan rates. We'll take a thorough look at your unique financial situation and pursue the best possible rates and terms for your budget needs.

You can easily fill out a secure credit application on our website as soon as today, and we’ll get back to you in a timely manner. Don’t let bad credit stand in the way of taking home one of our affordable used cars. Take charge today!

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