Buying a Used Car After a Storm

Posted at Thu, Oct 6, 2022 12:00 AM

On September 28th, 2022, Hurricane Ian made landfall on Florida's west coast with sustained winds over 150 mph as a Category 4 hurricane, bringing with it widespread property damage in the billions of dollars and devasting loss of life. Much of the damage was due to flooding from the slow pace of Ian's path across the state, dumping over a foot of rain in some areas that knocked out power for millions and destroyed homes, businesses and roadways. Many automobiles were caught in floodzones and sustained significant damage, leaving many residents without a vehicle. Universal Used Car Superstore is here to help by offering hundreds of non-damaged vehicles for sale and providing financial aid to customers impacted by the storm.

Our Inventory Was Unaffected By The Storm

Buying a used car from a private party or unreputable dealer in the aftermath of a storm can be risky. Flood-damaged cars can be cleaned up to look presentable enough, leaving you susceptible to buying a vehicle that can have major problems under the surface. Thankfully, you have an alternative to perilous private used car sales and shady dealers. Universal Used Car Superstore is here to meet your damaged car replacement needs with an expansive pre-owned inventory of cars, sport utilities, trucks and vans from all makes and models, at affordable prices that make buying a car in the wake of a storm manageable.

Inspection & Appraisal Services

In addition to providing a large selection of used cars at great prices, Universal Used Car Superstore provides helpful services to have your flood-damaged vehicle inspected and appraised, so you can expedite your insurance claim process. We work with many insurance companies and can provide answers to your questions concerning your vehicle's condition and status.

Help When You Need It

We've all been impacted by the storm in some way, so we understand the hardships you're experiencing as you work to put your life back together. That's why we are offering easy financing approval for your used car purchase while you rebuild so you can get the vehicle you need to get around and get things done in the Orlando area. Universal Used Car Superstore is here for you every step of the way to meet all your used car needs. Stay strong Orlando!

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